Vol. LIT) No 43 -E. J. POLLARD, Editor and Proprietor. ‘aa NAPANEE, ONT., CANADA=FRID;






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Total Assets $76,090,008,



Capitel, Paid Up ........ -..- 86,747,686 Rest and Undivided Profite ....$6,559 478 Total Deposite................ $62,446,479 Total: Assets msisce & viscissreioesiaraave £84,116.907

Savings Bank Department,

Deposits of #1,00 and upwards received and interest at best current rate paid

Farmers’ Business ‘Solicited and General Banking Business transacted,

Sapanee£, R, CHECKLEY Mgr. Yarker Branch,

F. W. GLARKE, Mer.

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The nineteenth annual convention ofthe Woman's Missionary Society of the Napanee District (Napanee Divis- ion) convened in Anderson's Church, Bay Circuit, on ‘Tuesday, Sept. 23rd,

1913, the organizer of the District, Mrs. M. S. Madole, presiding with Mrs. George I. Perry, District Secre- tary.

A long and carefully prepared pro- grauume vendered the day not only enjoyable, but profitable.

‘The two sessions were well attended and the interest’ sustained throughs out.

The opening exercises of the morn- ing session were conducted by Rev, Nickle, pastor of the circuit.

Appointinents followed—Press Re- porter, Mrs. Fraser, Courtesy Com- mittee, Miss L. Anderson and Mrs, J. B. Miller.

Reports of Auxiliaries, Circles, and Bands were then asked for. Every Auxiliary responded and ali showed good work had been accomplished during the first half of the year.

Our thirteen Auxiliaries have raised

since May, $415.42. ‘They take in all 200 Outlooks, 102 Reports and 50

monthly letters.

Three Circles responded to call.

The reports from Superintendents of Cradle Roll, Associate Helpers, and Christian Stewardship were encourag- ing.

Words of greeting were extended by Mrs. A. C. Parks, giving all a cordial welcome to Bay Circuit and Anderson's Church, praying that this convention would be a blessing to all.

Mrs. W. G. Fretts, of Hawley, very ably responded.

Business—Mrs. M. 8S. Madole was re-nominated District Organizer and Mrs, G. I. Perry, Morven, was eleeted District Secretary.

Morven Circle then favored the audience with a musical selection, “Bea Light.” after which Mrs. Bruce Robertson, Sillsville, gave an instruct- ive paper on Mission study. What does Mission study mean to us as members of the W.M.S ? Is its full meaning suummed up in a sermon once a year by our Pastor’ A meeting together for an hour or two (the greater part of which is spent in con- ducting business) with a study book that perhaps has never been opened since the ane meeting. This along with a little Watch Tower from herald’s who are sometimes present and just as often not, and an occasion- al reading pretty miach consists of our course of study.

Now how could any auxiliary pur- suing this course just mentioned be- come interested and gain a proper conception of the importance and magnitude of this the most important work in all Chistendom. The vital need is a greater realization of the evangelization of the world for Christ and this can only be brought about by a deeper sense of knowledge gained through study along with a prayerful spirit. ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord of


Anglin and Mrs Lileas, of ( Mrs. A. Denison, of Selby, the an excellent talk on “Memb

fluence outside of the Auxi She asked the assembly—Has member of our W.M.S. an: Infit And we certainly all have. what is this influence to be? Is influence that will elevate our mortals morally, socially, spiri’ or is it an influence that will them to look upon Christianit poe for right doing and dey Every woman's influence depen on herself and eutively upon t gree of the Christ life she posse

The first wrest essential to b influential workets for the Ma ghe reecption of Elis Holy Spirit the uid of this spirit study the to kuow what he wants us | after this study the needs « fellowmen both near and = afua with that love in our hearts Christ manife-ted towards us let out to labor with an é@arnest ze the establishing of His kingdui op earth.

This is the equipment that member must possess if she is an influence either inside or outs the Auxiliary.

We have no lack of material upon. See the youth growi aboutus, Who knows which o their ideal of perfect. woimauhor our influence may depend their destiny. It was through som influence we were brought int glorious work, let us do our | passing it on,

The writer regrets exceedingl tbe suggestion was not made t this excellent paper printed j “Outlook” so all its readers have Che benefit of it also.

Miss Mildred McKim, Switz Circle, delighted all with her s: rendered solo, "Tell me the Ol Story.”

Miss M, G. Hawley; Belleville gave the Historical work of the iliavies of the W:M.8. of Ne district (thirteen in number) in

The first Auxiliary to be org ou Napanee District was the S in connection with the old E Methodist Church, now’ kno: Trinity. The Society was org in 1883 (onlv two years after ception of the W. M.S.) by th Mrs. Meacham, wife of Rev. ¢ Meachaia.

Mrs Thomas Casey, still resic Napanee, was the first District ¢ izer, appointed in 1884 and he yosition until 1891, when Mis ‘igeay succeeded to the office f year and it was through her] the first District Convention wa at Napanee. That year Mrs. St Gibson was appointed Organ 1893 and continued in offiice unt when she was succeeded by Mrs Valleau, Morven, whoheld the px three years, Mrs. M. S. Madoke up the work,this year being the of the Convention.

Owing to change in boundaries, Tamworth District made a part of Napanee Disti 1905. This change of the Conf necessitated the division of Ni District As it now scheduled.

In 1888S there were two Aux)


1en the District, Napanee and

ana cant C141 29) ta Reaneh Tio


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In the estate of dames Bradshaw Richardson, deceased,

Notice ix hereby given pursuant to Chapter 26. of the Statutesef Ontario, 1911, Section 35 and Amending Acts, that all persons having any claims or demands against the estate of Jaines Bradshaw Bichardson, late of the Town of Napanee, in the County of Lennox and Addington, deceased, who died on or about the 16th day of May, A. D., 1913, are required to deliver.or sem by post prepaid to John English, Napanee, Qntario, solicitor for Frederick Edgar Elliott aad Josephine Elliott. executors of the last will and testament of the said James Bradshaw Richardson, de- ecased, on or before the 17th day of October, A. 1), 1913, their shristian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, with full particulars of their claims or demands duly verified, and the nature of the security (if any) held by them.

And further take natice that after the said 17th day of October, A. D., 1913, the said execu- tors nay proceed to distribute the assets of the said estate amongst the persons entitled there- to, having. re gantonis to the claims or demands of which they shall then have received notice, and shall not be Hable for the said assets, or any part thereof so distributed, to any person or persons of whose ckaims or demands they shall not have received notice at the time of the distribution thereof

JOHN ENGLISH, Solicitor for the said Executors,

Dated this 17th day of Septeuiber, 1913,

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Valleau, Morven, whoheid they three years. Mrs. M. S. Mado/ up the work this year being the of the Convention.

Owing to change in Con boundaries, Tamworth Distric made a part of Napanee Dist 1905. This change of the Con necessitated the division of N District as it now scheduled.

In 1888 there were two Aus on the District, Napanee and | and sent $151, 32 to Branch Tr mand up as follows :—

Napanee East, $130,25; Bath, Mrs. Stickney, Newburgh, $2.6:

There Was a membership of nual and two Life members.

This District in 1912, re $1,657,025. to Branch Tren Membership. 477 annual and members,

In comparing the figures ‘what wonderful progress ha made during the interval bi little even they express the lal sacrifice of those who made possible and laid the founda well and made the work compe easy for those who follow.

A hearty vote of thanks wi dered to Miss Hawley for her ex work. Miss Hawley and the Or; both, spoke very anxiously deplorable fact that there has been a missionary from N District.

Miss Dorothy Scott, Napanee very sweetly, “‘ He wants us Sunbeams.

The Question Drawer pro instructive feature, .

Miss Helen Milling, Napanee, beautifully, “* A little child's pr

The report of the County Com was read by Mrs, Miller thank who had helped to make the C tion, such a success and especia ladies of Bay Circuit for thei)

suing this course just mentioned’ be- come interested and gain a proper conception of the importance and magnitude of this the most important work in all Chistendom. The vital need is a greater realization of the evangelization of the world for Christ and this can only be brought about by a deeper seuse of knowledge gained through study along with a prayerful spirit. “Not by might nor by power, bat by my spirit saith the Lord of Hosts.”

A duett was then well rendered by Mrs. Norman Garrison and Miss Garrison, of Hawley.

Quiet half hour—In the absence of Mrs. Burns, Deseronto, Mrs. (Rev.) Nickle and Mrs. J. B. Miller conduct- ed the service, anumber speaking of the great blessings received since be- coming workers in the W.M.S.

The opening exercises of the after- noon session were conducted -by Mrs,



Saturday, October 4, 1913

at 1.00 p.m.

of the residence ,of the late Gabriel Belfour. Also sonie Household Goods and Furniture, .


Court of Revision

Township of Sheffield.

——— hospitality and delicious, abi Notice is hereby given that a Court | dinner. F : will be held pursuant to the Ontarfo], Mrs. Casey Denison exten:

behalf of Grace Methodist C Napanee, an invitation to ho twentieth annual Convention which was accepted. Collections for the day, $44.00 Rex. George Nickle brough close with the benediction, one best Conventions held in the } of the District. Mrs. EDWARD KAYL

Voters’ Lists Act, by His Honour the Jndge of the County Court, of the county of Lennox and Addington, at the town hall, in the Village of Tam-

1913, at 10 o'clock a, m., to hear and determine complaints of errors and omissions in the Voters’ List of the Municipality of Sheffield for 1913. JAS. AYLSWORTH, Tp. Clerk, Sheffield, and Clerk of said Court Dated at Tamworth, Sept. 30th, 1913,

Tungstein Electric Lamps at 5 Watt lamps 75e ; Electric Por all kinds of Oil lamps. Special and clearing out of stand lan BOYLE & SON,

GRETNA. ' We are enjoying the deli H weather here and the farme)

busy ploughing, digging potatoe

The fishermen start their fa. ing this week. :

he District Convention o Woman's Missionary Society wa at Anderson Church last wee was largely attended. The pri was good and a very appetisin abundant lunch was served b W.M.S. and Mission Circle met to which all did justice. bh

The County 8.8. Convention is held inthe church here, Oct, Weare hoping for a.good atten and that the convention may increased interest in Sunday & work, with better attendance thi out the county. A

Mr. Thos. Storey is ploughing new farm which he pare ased Mr. ‘I. D. Scrimshaw, Napanee.

Mr, and Mrs. D, Kirk McClear returned home after afew days with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs, Ed. Brooks and Hay Bay, visited at Mr. Geo. Sunday.

Mr. Abram Sills is still in health. :

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n and Mrs , of Odessa. A. Denison, iby, then gave cellent talk on ‘*Members’ in- e outside of ‘the Auxiliary.” isked the assembly—Has every er of our W.M.S. an Influence ? we certainly all have. Then is this influence to be? Is it an ace that will elevate our fellow ls morally, socially, spiritually, t an influence that will cause to look upon Christianity asa ice for right doing and deyotion. woman's influence depends up- ‘self and eutirely upon the de- f the Christ life she possesses. first xrest essential to become ontial workers for the Master is eeption of His Holy Spirit, with lof this spirit study the word ow what he wauts us to do, this study the needs of our wen both near and afar and that love in our hearts tbat manifested towards us let us go labor withan earnest zeal for tablishing of His kingdom here th.

is the equipment that every er ust possess if she is to have uence eilber inside or outside of ixiliary. have no lack of material to work See the youth growing up us. Who knows which of us is teal of perfeet- womauhood—on fluence may depend their future y. It was through someone's ice we were brought into this is work, let us do our best in giton.

writer regrets exceedingly that ggestion Was not made to have xcellent. paper printed in the 0k” so all its readers might he benefit of it also,

Mildred McKim, Switzerville delighted all with her sweetly ‘ed solo, “Tell me the Old, Old

M. G. Hawley; Belleville, then he Historical work of the f{aux- 3s of the W:M.S. of Napanee t(thirteen in number) in detail. first Auxiliary to be organized panee District was the Society nection with the old Eastern dist Church, now known as y. The Society was organized t(onlv two years after the in- n of the W. M.S.) by the late feacham, wife of Rev. George am,

Thomas Casey, still residing ia ee, was the first District Organ- ppointed in 1884 and_ held the mm until 1891, when Miss Mc- succeeded to the office for one nd it was through her] efforts st District Convention was held vmanee, That year Mrs. Stephen 1 Was appointed Organizer in ad continued in offiice until 1900 she was succeeded by Mrs. Wan. al, Morven, whoheld the position years. Mrs. M. S. Madole takes work this year being the choice Convention.

og to change in Conference aries, Tamworth District, was apart of Napanee District in This change of tne Conference itated the division of Napanee tt as it now scheduled.

388 there were two Auxiliaries District, Napanee and Bath.

OCTOBER 3rd, 1913


Kingston’s Poultry Show will le neta on January 20th, 2ist and 22nd, 1914.

After October Ist, the price of mk to Hamilton consumers will be ten cents per quart.

Calgary has spent $5,000,000 on civic improvements and general expendi- ture in the first eight months of 1912,

Kingston's population, as reported on Tuesday by Assessor W. S, Gordon

| is 21,015, an increase of 1,308 over that | of a year ago.

The Hon. Sidney Fisher is - the liberal standard-bearer in the forth- coming bye-election in Chateauguay. ‘The choice was unanimous.

William Hunt, of Deseronto, was found guilty of assaulting Joe Shatalla at Deseronto and sentenced byw Judge Deroche to two months in jail.

Four masked bandits held up an automobile near Outremont, a Mon- treal suburb, relieved the four passen- gers of movey and jewellery, worth 22,500, then stole the car and gotaway.

The Department of Justice has be- gun the prosecution of serious charges against the Deputy Warden aud the surgeon of Kingston Penitentiary, preferred by Dr. J. W. Edwards, M.P.

The police of Calgary have refused to permit motion pictures depicting the escupe of Harry K. Thaw from Matteawan and his ‘subsequent ad- ventures in Canada, to be shown in that city.

In France,‘ Emile Vendrines, on Saturday broke the world’s speed record for aeroplanes keeping up an average speed of 118 miles an bour in ten trips around a_ circumference of six and a quarter miles,

Without a question last week there were more peuple tooting their horns in Tweed than there bas been for some time. ‘‘But don’t get excited, don't be mislead, they tooted their horns on account of a cold in their head.” —'T'weed Advocate.

The sting of a wasp killed Lady Molesworth, formerly Miss Jane C. Frost, second daughter of Brigudier- General Frost, of St. Louis. The wasp stung Lady Molesworth on the juglar vein and she passed away with- in twenty minutes,

Eddie Durnan, the celebrated Toron- to oarsiman, nephew of the late Ed- ward Hanlan, retained his title of professional single sculling champion of America, by defeating Richard Greer, of Boston, United States cham- pion, Saturday evening, on ‘Toronto


For the first time the inside facts surrounding the robbery of the Domin- ion bank at Napanee, Ont., when $63,- 000 in bank notes was stolen, are told hy George S. Dougherty, secon deputy police commissioner and in direct charge of New York’s city detective bureau. The article appears in the New York Herald.

While working on the Cameron Maguire contract at mouth of ‘Trent Canal, Jobn Gunyou, an estimable

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wu, Morven, whoheld the position years. Mrs. M. S. Madole takes » work this year being the choice Convention.

ng to change in Conference aries, Tamworth District, was apart of Napanee District in This change of the Conference itated the division of Napanee ct 4s it now scheduled.

888 there were two Auxiliaries ' District, Napanee and Bath. mt $151, 32 to Branch Treasurer up as follows :—

anee East, $130,25; Bath, $17,45, itickney, Newburgh, $2.62.

re Wasa membership of 77 an- nd two Life members.

+ District in 1912, returned 025 to Braneh Treasurer-- ership. 477 annual and 63 Life ers.

comparing the figures we see wonderful progress has been during the interval but how

sven they express the labor and ce of those who made them le and laid the foundation so nd made the work comparative- or those avho follow. sarty vote of thanks was ten- tw Miss Hawley for her excellent

Miss Hawley and the Organizer spoke very anxiously of the able fact that there has never a missionary from Napanee ct.

Dorothy Scott, Napanee, sang weetly, “He wants us to be ams.

Question Drawer ctive feature, . Helen Milling, Napanee, recited fully, * A little child's prayer. report of the County Committee ad by Mrs, Miller thanking all ad helped to make the Conven- uch a success and especially the of Bay Circuit for their kind ality and delicious, abundant

proved an

Casey Denison extended in of Grace Methodist Church, ee, an invitation to hold the eth annual Convention there, was accepted. ‘ctions for the day, $44.00. George Nickle brought toa tith the benediction, one of the »nventions held in the hsitory District. Mrs. EpWarp KAYLER

stein Electric Lamps at 50c ; 100 amps 75c; Electric Portables, ds of Oil lamps. Special prices earing out, of stand lamps at E & SON.

GRETNA. are enjoying the delightful ‘bere and the farmers are

loughing, digging potatoes, etc. ishermen start their fall fish- 8 week.

District Convention of the n's Missionary Society was held Jerson Church last week and gely attended, The program od and a very appetising and int lunch was served by the . and Mission Circle members, th all did justice. Jounty §.8. Convention is to be athe church here, Oct. 8th. ‘hoping for a good attendance it the convention may cause ed interest in Sunday School with better attendance through- _county.

‘hos. Storey is ploughing on his rm which he ased from D. Scrimshaw, Napanee.

ind Mrs. D. Kirk McClean have ‘d home after afew days’ visit latives here.

nd Mrs. Ed. Brooks and baby, ay, visited at Mr. Geo. Perry’s

Abram Sills is still in poor telephone line through this

orhood is nearing completion es being erected,

For the first time the inside facts surrounding the robbery of the Domin- ion bank at Napanee, Ont., when $63,- ‘000 in bank notes was stolen, are told hy George S. Dougherty, second deputy police commissioner and in direct charge of New York’s city detective bureau. The article appears in the New York Herald.

While working on the Cameron Maguire contract at mouth of ‘Trent Canal, John Gunyou, an estimable and well known citizen of Trentoeft was accidentally drowned, It appears that the unfortunate man was: struck by one ot the railway trucks and thrown into the water and drowned. Every effort was made to save, but they were unavailing. The unfortun-

ate man leaves a widow and several ehildven. Roland G. Garros, who made an

aeroplane trip across the Mediterran- ean, the longest flight yet made, bas made-a plan Whereby he thinks a flight can be made across the Atlantic ocean. He believes it can be made by dividing the journey into three states, England to Iceland, Iceland to Green- land and Greenland to the United States, Garros has also madg¢ a flight from France to North Africa, nearly 600 miles, and travelling at’ this speed he would cross the Atlantic in twenty- five hours and twenty-four minutes. Mrs. Marie Chester, of Middleton, N.Y., mother of ten children, three of whom accompanied her, finished in Minneapolis a 1,500-mile walk. She Jeft New [York city on July 31 and spent fifty three days on the road. A number of business men in Middleton agreed to rebuild Mrs, Chester's burn- ed home at an expense of $4,000, pro- vided she made the trip in sixty-five days. Mrs, Chester and the three children—a girl and two boys—carried knapsacks with food and blankets, The new tariff bill of the United States, as agreed upon by the Demo- cratic Tariff Conferees, places these articles, among others, on the free list :. Cattle sheep and other food animals ; eggs, bananas, sugar and molasses (ina short time). On these articles of food the rates proposed by the house were reduced : Oats, butter, beets, storage eggs, peas, currants, checolate and cocoa, Other articles put on the free list are : Wool and its products, agricultural instruments, sewing machines, lumber, leather, shoes, pig iron, scrap iron, ferro. munganese, cement, asphalt, sugar, machinery and school text books,


N. A. Asselstine returned last week from his trip to Alberta and British Columbia, where he was visiting bis sons, Blake and Dr, A. Asselstine.

Mr. and Mrs. Erwell Miller, Mrs, J. Henderson and C, Davidson are also home from the west,

The tine new bridge to replace the old * Kellar’s bridge is now ip use.

The annual anniversary services, in the Methodist church are to be con- ducted next Sunday.

Miss G. Asselstine is attending Nor- mal School in Ottawa,

Miss Edna Davy bas returned from a visit with ber sister, Mrs. A. Hart- man, Asselstine.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lapum, Water town, are visiting at James- Lewis’,

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Denyes were at Guy Simmons’ on Sunday.

M. G. Storms, who is teaching school here, has moved his family from New- burgh and will occupy the pleasant tenunt house prepared by K. N, Storms in the store previously oc- cupied by him.

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CO,, Limited,

YOAT TAR FOR S8ALE—In bolk or by the gallon. THESEYMOUR POWER & ELECTRIC CO., Limited. dour

OR SALE Seed Store, on Dundas Street, also Store House and Fruit Evap

Apply on premises. ROBT. ENGLISH, RAD. No, 1, Selby. ean ARM FOR SALE—75 or 80 ecres,

vt. lot 33, Srd_ concession Township of Camden, All good land, seed to hay and | msture, 2 wells, good fencer, Spel to R. A, | BEARD, Napance, or 8. W. SWITZER, Des: mond, suf

ARM FOK SALE—Lot No. 9, part of $rd Concession North Fredericksburgh, containing 100 acres in farm and 40 acres on the island, Situated about five miles from Napa- nee, about 40 rods from school house and one and a half miles from chureh., 100 acres all under good cultivation and 40 acres on island good pasture land. Possession given March Ist, 1914. Bnt purchaser may do fall owing im- mediately. This is a first-class farm. Good public road alongside farm. For termes of sale apply to Jt J, CLARKE, R M.D. No.3. Tele- phony at door, aed-p

The Belleville Business College

“Say, P want a stenographer to-day must be a good one, how ALOU ne Many of our students have thus been placed in good positions, Enroll to-day, study hard, and your opportunity will come—and a good sal ary with it. -

Films developed and printing done on shortest notice and at reasonable prices. Satisfaction guaranteed, at the Medical Hall—Frel L. Hooper.


Head Office, - Winnipeg. Capital, (Authorized) $6,000,000. Capital, (Paid Up) $2,760,009

Total Assets over $21,000,000 DIRECTORS:

Sir D. H. MeMillan, K.C.M.G, Capt Wm, Robinson


President - - - - -

ive President - - - - - Vice Pr

H. T. Champivn Frederick Nation

W. C. Leistikow Sir R. P. Roblin, K.C.M.G. Robt. Campbell

L, M. McCarthy.

Jas. H. Ashdown Hon. D C. Cameron General Manager - -

Supt of Branches -

A General Banking Business Transacted.

R. G. H. TRAVERS, - Manager Napanee Branch


“The Napanee Express| NEWS TOPICS | OF WEEK.

| | | |


E. & J. HARDY & CO.

Advertising Contractors and News Correspondents,

Fleet Street, Loadon, E O., England.

Pe fie of this paper van b van be seen free of charge © Loadon, to will be given, if requir an Sere ane


These two essentials explain the great increase in demand for our bread since the installation of our new elec- trical bread mixer.

We have now a thoroughly date and sanitary bread plant, includ- ing bread mixer, sanitary steel troughs, etc. Asa result we are uble


to place before the public a pure, clean |

wholesome, smooth-grained loaf of bread.

We ask all housewives who desire purity and quality in their bread to try a loaf of this bread and be con-

vinced of its superiority.

City Dairy Pure Ice Cream

Phe Cream that advertises itself. Also served in bulk and bricks in our cool, clean parlor.

W. M. Cambridge,

Imocrteant Ev-nt= “*binhk Yaya Ceccrrec curine the Week

The Busy -foric's Haocerinus Care. fully Compited and tut tnto Handy crd Altrartive S-ape tor

the Headers cl! Uur taper—A Solio Hour’s Enjoymert.


Fire did damage to the extent of $4,009 to the building and plant of | the Davis Drydock Co., ship builder,

at Kingston.

A despatch to The Daily Telegraph from Madrid says that Porfirio Diaz,

former President of Mexico, sailed | y iterday from St. Nazaire, France, for : Ico.

Potato crops of 400 bushel. to the acre are common this year around the Soo. As high as 660 bushels is recorded, while many farms average 500 and 550.

A. E. merchant of Sheffield village, died at the Galt hospital yesterday after an operation undertaken as a last resort to save his life.

Sir Alfred Mond, head of the fam- ous chemical firm, and prominent free trader, sailed from England yes- terday with his son, Ludwig Mond, for a tour through Canada.

The betrothals of Prince Charles of Roumania to Grand Duchess Olga of Russia, and Crown Prince George of Greece to Princess Elizabeth of Rou- ania will be